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Hello everyone! My name is Olga and I'm a teacher of pop, soul and jazz singing Through our studies my students regularly and successfully perform on big stages in Russia and widely abroad. I practice with children and adults as well and therefore I'm so happy to help You with improving your skill in singing by classes on skype!

So, a few words about myself. I started practicing music when I was 5 years old so as my parents were musicians too. After finishing the Kazan State Conservatory I did PhD degree (piano solo) . During my study I often took part in different international piano competitions and received honorary awards. Then I entered in Armenian State college of jazz-pop music and started my study with professor, jazz soul singer Irina Malchasyan. Toured in Japan, Sweden, Latvia, Georgia, Russia and others. I was honored All-Russian musical cociety and creative union. This year I was awarded 1st prize at the international vocal competition "The World's talents" in Moscow

If you always wanted to possess vocal skill or improve and correct any moments in your existing singing, please write me by e-mail and sign up for one free trial lesson. The cost regular classes $20. If you pay for 5 lessons you'll get 20%discount




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Ольга Щеголь. Acoustic promo 2017 (vocal, piano)

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